How Local People and Organisations Stop War

This report documents ten cases in which local people and organisations were able to directly stop war. Each case explores a different approach that has achieved at least some success in preventing, containing, or ending armed conflict with minimal external assistance.

How We Stopped War, 1990-2021

We want to use history to improve how we stop war and build a more peaceful world. This report documents 180 historical cases of when people and organisations have successfully stopped war. For the purposes of this project, we are not focusing on open-ended concepts such as creating “positive” or “legitimate” peace.

Stopping War : 101 Successful Efforts to Reduce Armed Conflict

This report documents 101 cases of successful efforts to stop war since 1990. The selection spans the globe and encompasses a wide range of approaches to reducing armed conflict, from the use of early warning systems and preventive diplomacy to the deployment of peacekeeping missions and the arbitration of territorial disputes. Together, the cases demonstrate that war can be stopped.

The Research Implications of the Report on Stopping War

With its expansive geographic scope and a unique focus on actions which directly stopped armed conflict, Stopping War: 101 Cases of Successful Efforts to Reduce Armed Conflict is an unprecedented document. To the best of my knowledge, no other works have presented such an extensive and varied illustration of how people and organisations have successfully managed to stop wars and reduce armed conflict.